Entrepreneur. Coach. Branding Strategist. Award-winning Director and Playwright. Some consider our founder a Renaissance man, but Thomas believes he is merely fulfilling his dual-purpose in life as a teacher and a storyteller. What motivates him? To be in service to others; to empower them to a life of fulfillment. ​He has made a career doing both.

As one of the Southeast’s most respected branding experts, Thomas speaks at ​Revolve Conference​, ​​DisruptHR,​ ​LeadSC Young Professionals Summit​, ​​Together SC​, Charleston Young Professionals​, and ​SMAD-CON​ (Social Media All Day Conference), to name a few.

A Certified Life Coach and six-time successful entrepreneur, Thomas is the founder of The Life Guidance Center​ ​(the largest facility of its kind in South Carolina), as well as the personal branding firm that bears his name, Thomas Heath Advisors.

His noted LinkedIn expertise has made him a dynamic co-host of ​LinkedIn Local Charleston​, ​part of a global movement that connects the humans behind the profiles. He also organizes Charleston’s wildly successful ​1 Million Cups​ program; ​ a weekly event focused on bringing the city’s hottest startups to the community stage.

You can find Thomas’ business advice as part of his column in the ​Charleston Regional Business Journa​l.

Thomas hopes his personal legacy will be the positive impact he has had on his family, students, clients, and community. As a playwright, he hopes his stories will both entertain and empower the human spirit for years to come​.