Susan Sloate has been involved in recruiting for more years than she usually likes to count. She began actively recruiting business partners in a highly successful telecommunications business in 1995, where she rose to the rank of Regional Director and National Training Director. She worked in recruiting again during the 2010 Census, when she recruited and trained Census field employees, then managed them as a crew leader. She continued recruiting in a national marketing business until 2011, before landing a role created for her in a national Lean recruiting firm, where she did research and first contacts for six years in the manufacturing and medical industries.  Now she’s joining Fulcrum Staffing as a Candidate Recruiting Specialist, where she’s excited to recruit in the financial sector. Susan grew up in New York, went to school in Los Angeles, and has lived in Mount Pleasant for the last twenty years. She has two grown sons; one is a recent graduate of USC in Columbia, the other now works for the Kansas City Chiefs and has the Super Bowl ring to prove it. In her spare time, she co-hosts her own podcast, TALK JAM, and is the best-selling, award-winning author of 21 books.